Being Human - Empowering Humanity in the Age of AI

October, 2018 COMING SOON


This is a time for change. Major revolutions are occurring in technology and science, particularly in Artificial Intelligence(AI), Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genomics, and Cyborg-enhance humans. Never before in history the technology could run so far ahead of the human that many authorities maintain that within a few decades, the Artificial Intelligence would surpass human intelligence and very possibly expose humans to extinction.  

This is also a time for transformation. The human-enhancing machine intelligence would profoundly transform humanity in the positive way, but whether we will focus on creation of this kind of Artificial Intelligence would depend on how we understand the human nature and on the quality of consciousness and culture of our age.

This conference will revision human being in a holistic way. We will probe into human potential from ancient Chinese wisdom to today’s breakthroughs in science, psychology, art and business - factors that are essential keys to unlocking the human evolution. Through forging the bridge between east and west, past and future, value and action, the conference will facilitate our understanding of human being, which is the foundation for individual and collective flourishing in the age of AI.