Summer Blossom

In July 2016, a group of current CIIS students and alumni arrived Beijing, China, launched a series of workshops and events as “Summer Blossom” campaign that organized by Stage Ai, an organization that founded by the first generation of Chinese at CIIS.


arts and healing

Through different forms of arts and healing modality including music, dance, somatic, astrology and cosmic work, “Summer Blossom” provided a first-hand experience of an integral living through a participatory worldview to hundreds of people including educators, enterprisers, artists, professionals, students and spiritual seekers from different circles of society in China.

Stage Ai and CIIS

Embodied CIIS’s spirit as “creative, mindful and socially aware”, “Summer Blossom” was collaboratively created by a diverse team including teachers, healers and artists healers from China, America, Taiwan and Germany.

“Summer Blossom ” is a pilot project that put into practice of a PCC prospect. The organizer Stage Ai is the first team in the history of CIIS that promoting spiritual work in China with an integrated, diverse and multidisciplinary team as such.  

East and the West

 “Stage Ai” commits to continue to promote an integral concept into daily life practice and building a conscious bridge between the East and the West.


List of “Summer Blossoms” workshops and events

June 22: Experiential drama therapy workshop

June 24-26: Life Scripts - Drama therapy workshop  

July 2:  Opening night Party for "Summer Blossom" )

July 4:  Music and movement experiential salon - Dialogue between heart and body

July 8: Returning Home  

July 15-17: Discovering soul through astrology

July 31:  Experiential drama workshop for kids

August 4: Experiential drama therapy workshop

August 6 - 7:Drama therapy workshop - stepping out of your comfortable Zone